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CHINESE parents pride themselves on the importance they attach to education; it is, they say, the most important gift they can bestow on the next generation. That makes themall the more willing to shell out, if they can afford it, on expensive boarding schools which they believe will enable their children to concentrate fully on their studies. Poor families in the countryside pack their children off to board, too. But that is because they have no choice: daily commuting would be too expensive or arduous. In the cities, boarding schools are usually far grander. Attending them is more a badge of privilege than evidence of pragmatism.


There is considerable demand for such urban schools. In many rich countries, parents often fret about sending their children away to board, partly because of the high cost and partly because these days many parents prefer to have their children with them. In China, by contrast, it is considered very normal for a couple to live apart from their child (they usually only have one). For urban boarders, the distance is seldom great: parents usually send their children to schools very close to where they live.


Boarding school offers an alternative to foisting a child on grandparents, which parents often do, sometimes for days on end. It may be costly, but parents reckon that such schools can do more to help children study after class than the elders can at home.In a country where siblings are so rare, many also see communal living as good for their offspring. Some 3.5m children now board in cities, around 4% of the urban school population. The vast majority of them do so at high school (8% of secondary-school pupils board, compared with 1% of primary schoolers).


A few of the boarding schools court the country’s elite by offering to prepare children for admission to universities abroad (in China, foreign education is another much-desired symbol of privilege). The redbrick quadrangle of the recently built Keystone Academy in a suburb of Beijing resembles a boarding school in New England. The institution’s annual boarding fee of 360,000 yuan ($52,000) is higher than tuition at Harvard University.

有些寄宿学校特意迎合中国的精英阶层,他们帮助学生申请国外大学(在中国,海外教育是另外一种广受追捧的特权象征)。近日,鼎石国际学校(Keystone Academy)在北京一处郊区成立,红砖四合院,与新英格兰一所寄宿学校的外形相似。该学校每年住宿费高达36万元(5.2万美元),比哈佛大学学费还贵。

But the most expensive boarding schools may have had their heyday. Many parents with that much cash to spare would often prefer to send their children to board abroad: enrolments in American and British boarding schools are rising fast. Social trends are also changing. A wife who can afford not to work—and who has time to parent a child—is increasingly seen as someone who enjoys high status: traditional gender roles are making a comeback. In 2014 Yin Jianli, a popular author and former teacher, included an essay entitled “Boarding is a Bad System” in a book she wrote about education. It argued that if dorm-life really fostered the “sense of collectivism” that its proponents claim, then children from orphanages would score top marks. She said that mothers should be more involved in child-rearing.


For ordinary middle-class parents, less fancy state-run boarding schools are becoming more affordable: often they cost only a few thousand yuan a year. But even their future may be threatened. President Xi Jinping’s anti-graft drive is making it harder to secure a place in the best ones by using the once common methods of paying backhanders and pulling strings. These days having a child at a good state boarding-school can be a sign of corruption. No one wants that badge.


passerby98发表于:2017-04-15 23:18:24

【把孩子送出国】sending their children away to board,把board读成了abroad?


dolly0099发表于:2017-04-15 23:22:45

parents often fret about sending their children away to board父母经常不愿意把孩子送到寄宿学校


meihelen发表于:2017-04-16 09:58:45

These days having a child at a good state boarding-school can be a sign of corruption:【近两年,如果自己孩子就读公立寄宿学校,会被贴上腐败的标签】=> 如今,孩子就读好的公立寄宿学校可能成为腐败的标记。(关键词 good 漏译。)


Jenny_Peng发表于:2017-04-17 18:25:08
passerby98:【把孩子送出国】sending their children away to board,把board读成了abroad?



Jenny_Peng发表于:2017-04-17 18:25:43
dolly0099:parents often fret about sending their children away to board父母经常不愿意把孩子送到寄宿学校



Jenny_Peng发表于:2017-04-17 18:26:16
meihelen:These days having a child at a good state boarding-school can be a sign of corruption:【近两年,如果自己孩子就读公立寄宿学校,会被贴上腐败的标签】=> 如今,孩子就读好的公立寄宿学校可能成为腐败的标记。(关键词 good 漏译。)